Scooby Special Visit!

When I saw the adults yesterday, it crossed my mind that I might not be able to tell the difference between adults and babies any more. The body language was adult-y — preening each other, and then of course when Daphne scolded Simon and pushed him off a branch — but I’ve never seen one of my babies this far after fledging. But I thought I’d try coming out at sunset and listening for baby complaining, and I heard it immediately. ScoobY (we will be spelling it that way now because of the delightful marking on this owl’s forehead) was right out in the open and the difference was immediately obvious, both in size (this owl is skinny!) and body language (the head bobbing!). Plus the squeaking. We interacted for about 20 minutes until ScoobY decided to head over to Jack’s to see if everybody was over there. I’ve edited it down to 2 for you!



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