Category: 2023

  • Hoooo!


    Pretty sure this is Daphne, because she said “Where are you?” a reasonable number of times (twice) and then flew off. Simon is clingier.

  • Optimism


    Sometimes the most beautiful pictures are overexposed and fuzzy. For example: this lovely photograph of a beautiful bird, sitting on a branch of her nest tree, making quiet burbling noises to herself. (Simon was around for a quick canoodle shortly before, but flew away when I came outside.)

  • As Expected

    As Expected

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: one of the most magical things is when there’s no hooting and no swooping and I can just find owls because I know these individual owls. It’s a little warmer and blue and beautiful today, and the breeze is intermittent but strong. It is exactly the…

  • Irony


    Yesterday we attended a gathering at the community garden and met or re-met some of the lovely people who also experience Simon and Daphne’s shenanigans. Obviously I managed to make the conversation about owls, because some of these nice people only know me as the creepy lady they’ve seen hanging over their back fence taking…

  • Update


    Simon continues to have thoughts. And as long as he keeps saying ’em, I’ll keep posting ’em.

  • Well, now what?

    Well, now what?

    Yesterday when I came home from an errand, I heard a very distressed rodent, but it wasn’t quite the usual predator alert. And when I found the rodent in question, I also found Daphne, who looked puffed-up and flustered. I’m guessing that just before I got home, Daphne had tried to pop into her nest,…

  • Embarrassing


    When I left to go for a walk, Simon was in the same general area over the cars. I grabbed a picture and was talking to him (in a reasonable, conversational tone and not at all in baby talk with kissy noises) when I realized I was being watched… by Daphne, who was sitting about…

  • Sympathy


    “Welcome home. Oh, you had an incredibly frustrating experience dealing with humans and human regulations? I just sat here in the sun and barfed a pellet on your car. Don’t hate.”

  • Seeing


    This is what gets me about these owls. They’re wild animals and apex predators. I’m positive they know me, they know our household and our routine, but they are not a TAME lion. They are wild and free and they do their own thing. But it is possible for a mere human to change herself,…