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  • Still on the fence?

    Still on the fence?

    Dear Daphne: I really, really need to see your fluffy butt go INTO the tree. Or even better, I need to see you come OUT of the tree after some period of being inside it. Could we work on that? Thanks! Love, The Human With the Camera

  • The Drama Continues

    The Drama Continues

    [insert increasingly suspenseful music here]

  • Update


    Simon continues to have thoughts. And as long as he keeps saying ’em, I’ll keep posting ’em.

  • Well, now what?

    Well, now what?

    Yesterday when I came home from an errand, I heard a very distressed rodent, but it wasn’t quite the usual predator alert. And when I found the rodent in question, I also found Daphne, who looked puffed-up and flustered. I’m guessing that just before I got home, Daphne had tried to pop into her nest,…

  • Hoot hoot!

    Hoot hoot!

    Hoot hoot, hoot hoot hoot! Hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot. Hoot hoot hoot-hoot! Hooooot!

  • Visit & Snack

    Visit & Snack

    The owls stopped by for a super-quick chat this evening. Then Daphne stopped by the nest and had a snack, threw a feather at me (Forrest Gump style!), and took off. Simon lurked nearby and watched. Happy Sunday!

  • What tornado?

    What tornado?

    Tornado watch ongoing. And in a break between the bands of dime-sized hail, these cuties check in with each other. Love.

  • Drama-love!


    Super exciting day! At 2:26pm, Fabulous Neighbor Jason texted me to let me know there were canoodling noises coming from the vicinity of our garage. I was nowhere near home, alas, but I was glad to know that everybody was owlrific. We got home nearly 3 hours later, just after 5pm, and… there they were,…

  • 2017: Interesting Minute

    2017: Interesting Minute

    2017 Flashback: Here’s Henrietta, who at this point was sitting on two eggs. I just want to point out that just 11 months earlier either this owl or her mate had plowed into me at max speed for the unforgivable sin of being outside at night near their nest. But here we are, sitting on…