• Mmmmm


    The afternoon canoodle occurred. When I arrived, Simon was front and center in the yard, but Daphne had just gone into the nest. Moments later she popped back out and showed off the delicious rat she had stashed for dinner. Then she flew to a tree next door and ate it. Note the rat in…

  • Call John Cleese!

    Call John Cleese!

    In this minute and a half, you will get to see Daphne flappity-walk. Yes, that is a technical term. Otherwise nothing happens. But if you’re like me, you like just looking at an owl in a tree, so you won’t mind.

  • Shh, she’s thinking

    Shh, she’s thinking

    Another night, another round of contemplative branch-sitting.

  • Owls are noisy

    Owls are noisy

    I thought this clip from last night wasn’t all that interesting. Then I noticed the audio track. So I did some boosting and left it alone otherwise. Well, I also added captions, so you can thoroughly and accurately understand the conversation.

  • Unexpected


    Walking along, minding my own business, two blocks north of my house, and all of a sudden I hear Daphne calling Simon. I was just out trying to catch some Pokemon and instead I busted up the late-afternoon canoodle.

  • Hot date night

    Hot date night

    Look, there are two of them!

  • Monday 2/19

    Monday 2/19

    Another day, another *bloop*!

  • Busy busy busy

    Busy busy busy

    An exciting Saturday night for Daphne: lots of contemplation, one hot date, and definite nest-occupation.

  • A list

    A list

    Things that are true (within my limited human powers of interpretation): So here we have an eviction, an occupation, and a solicitation!