In my tree & in my feelings

It has been a torturous twenty-eight days since I heard Daphne yelling at Simon from inside the tree. It’s been seventeen days since I’ve seen an owl. And while I heard them calling at each other a couple of days ago, I had no proof they were still in residence working on a family, and I’ve been worried. After all, it was four years ago this week that Henrietta abandoned her second egg and moved out. I know it happens.

Then tonight I was getting ready to go to bed and I heard hoots. I bolted out the back door to see if I could place the source of the hooting and I could indeed. In fact, I got there just in time to see an owl swoop in from my left, and then an owl swoop out to my right — either a handover or one owl doing a clumsy landing attempt. A few minutes later, an owl did a fly-by. But somebody is definitely in the tree.

Facebook memories have demonstrated to me that there was an owl visiting that tree in 2011. We didn’t observe an owlet until Trolley in 2015. I wonder if Ecks and Henrietta had four or five years of nesting sneakily and just got used to our movements and didn’t make such an effort to hide any more? And Daphne and Simon, as goosey new parents, are being much more careful.

For starters. We’ll win them over.

Here’s a picture of tonight and some hoots, edited to remove car noises.


I made myself a beverage and went out to sit on the porch and wait for Simon. It wasn’t *all* that long before it occurred to me to look straight up.

“Hey. What are we all waiting to see?”

They sat around amicably for a while.

Solitary owl in a tree

Merge of an owl sitting and then flying away



New schedule

At sunset-ish daily, those of us in our yard hear a hoot coming from half a block north. Just a couple hoots, a casual hello as Simon wakes up and sets out on his evening. So today I went to see if I could find him.


So here he is! My neighbor had told us that there was an owl frequently in her yard. Now I know where to look!

Simon says

“Uh… hey. You noticed me. Shoot. Look, I’m just here for a few minutes. Daphne told me to stay pointed at that tree and not to let anything go in there until she gets back. So if you could just… not look at me? That’d be cool. K.”

“No, see, you make me nervous. I’m going to go sit on the roof behind you so we can’t make eye contact.”

Not imagining it

Y’all. I went outside this evening to see if I could find owls, and the tree was making noise.

Daphne is in there.

She’s IN there.

And, she says, if you happen to be in the area — especially if you happen to be the male owl who did this to her — could you please bring her a pizza?

(sound up)

Is it on?!

Tonight I went out to visit briefly with Neighbor Dog Linus. Linus’s mom popped out and said she’d just sent me a text. She pointed to a tree in my yard with clear sight to the nest.

Simon? By Kathy

Where I was standing to talk to Linus, I was immediately under the nest. Suddenly another owl arrived and the two owls flew together to the front yard.

But one of the owls wasn’t thrilled with the situation. She kept her eyes on me and only about 30 seconds later she flew back and roosted in the nest hole. She stuck her head in to check that everything was ok, and then she parked there, watching me.


*Happy dance*