Daphne is the smart, charming half of the pair in residence since 2021. She hoots with a beautiful trill.


Simon likes being groomed by Daphne and hanging out in the sun. He’s also a little needy and tends to hoot more than Daphne.

Scooby & Shaggy

In 2023, Shaggy was a bit smaller than Scooby and tortured with FOMO, so it was a rocky start. But in the end they both flew off into beautiful adulthood.

Ketanji & Jackson

2022’s lovely ladies broke barriers and brought a new family legacy to my tree.


Henrietta was constantly vigilant, from the time she moved into the tree early in the year through the fledging process. She took a lot of well-earned naps.


Ecks was our original daddy owl. He was a little shy and a bit easy to fluster, and he didn’t have the softest touch with baby-feeding. But he was a good dad and tried hard.


Trolley hatched in 2015. His interests included glaring at people and scaring his new-to-owling audience with his daring climbing exploits.

McFeely & Negri

Like their big brother, 2016’s chicks McFeely and Negri were fond of glaring at people. Eventually they also enjoyed silly acrobatics, screeching for mama, flappity-hopping, and play-pouncing.

The 2017 Eggs

Not every owlet story ends happily. In 2017, Henrietta decided that neither of the eggs she’d laid were viable. We respected her bodily autonomy, but we were very sad.