Yesterday we attended a gathering at the community garden and met or re-met some of the lovely people who also experience Simon and Daphne’s shenanigans. Obviously I managed to make the conversation about owls, because some of these nice people only know me as the creepy lady they’ve seen hanging over their back fence taking pictures. The Other Human expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with the owls’ hunting success as it relates to rodents damaging his fancy car. (One delightful neighbor said she had just seen a squirrel run across the street with one of her peppers in its mouth!) Eventually we exhausted our extrovert resources and returned home. Just minutes later I saw something swoopy out of the corner of my eye and went outside to this (it’s Simon). It is in fact true that he had not caught one of the rodents bothering the fancy car, but he did patrol the area for half an hour!



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