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  • Call John Cleese!

    Call John Cleese!

    In this minute and a half, you will get to see Daphne flappity-walk. Yes, that is a technical term. Otherwise nothing happens. But if you’re like me, you like just looking at an owl in a tree, so you won’t mind.

  • Shh, she’s thinking

    Shh, she’s thinking

    Another night, another round of contemplative branch-sitting.

  • Owls are noisy

    Owls are noisy

    I thought this clip from last night wasn’t all that interesting. Then I noticed the audio track. So I did some boosting and left it alone otherwise. Well, I also added captions, so you can thoroughly and accurately understand the conversation.

  • Unexpected


    Walking along, minding my own business, two blocks north of my house, and all of a sudden I hear Daphne calling Simon. I was just out trying to catch some Pokemon and instead I busted up the late-afternoon canoodle.

  • Hot date night

    Hot date night

    Look, there are two of them!

  • Monday 2/19

    Monday 2/19

    Another day, another *bloop*!

  • Busy busy busy

    Busy busy busy

    An exciting Saturday night for Daphne: lots of contemplation, one hot date, and definite nest-occupation.

  • A list

    A list

    Things that are true (within my limited human powers of interpretation): So here we have an eviction, an occupation, and a solicitation!

  • Omg omg omg

    Omg omg omg

    I’m not saying Daphne has moved in. I’m just saying that the oak tree just tried to order a mouse pizza by yelling really loud in an owly sort of way. We don’t want to rush to any conclusions!