This morning

IF I were guessing what’s going on and projecting human thoughts onto these birds, I might be inclined to guess that this happened this morning: Simon showed up a few yards to the north and hooted a bunch of times, but got no response. Then Daphne swooped in from somewhere and replied, looking around a bit frantically. It was loud, because the trash/recycling compactor was slowly working its way down the street, but I’m not sure that was the problem. Daphne then flew to the tree where the owlets were last night and did what really looked like searching. Then she took off to the west, where she and Simon met up in my neighbor Jack’s yard and had a loud, intense conversation that I’m sure did not include anybody saying “I thought YOU were watching them!” and “No, you said YOU were!” Anyway, here’s Daphne doing one hoot and some slow-mo flight for the morning.