Feb. 25c

An owl arrived in our yard at 4:30 and called but got no answer. It roosted right over our garage and stayed there for two straight hours, focused intently on the nest — so focused that I was convinced it had to be Daphne. I was a little surprised she was off the (prospective) egg so long, but I am not an ornithologist, I only play one in my head. After about 2 hours, the owl spotted a squirrel a little too close to the nest and zoomed across the yard to THWACK it. They went back and forth a couple times; the owl didn’t seem interested in trying to kill the squirrel but definitely wanted it to leave. Then the owl had barely settled down one tree over when a very clear dinner order emerged from inside the tree, and the owl outside flew off to fulfill it. So I spent the afternoon with Simon, who is feeling testy about the contents of the tree, and Daphne is in the tree and not leaving. Which is right where we want to be! 🦉❤️