Super exciting day! At 2:26pm, Fabulous Neighbor Jason texted me to let me know there were canoodling noises coming from the vicinity of our garage. I was nowhere near home, alas, but I was glad to know that everybody was owlrific. We got home nearly 3 hours later, just after 5pm, and… there they were, canoodling away on a branch exactly where Jason said they’d be. Despite the fact that Atlanta is more humid than… well, something very humid, I managed to get some pretty decent video of the two of them canoodling away and preening each other. Then all of a sudden, with no provocation I could see, Daphne started squawking at Simon and pushed him off a branch. He literally fell! He came back a few minutes later and sat two branches over and the two of the pointedly didn’t speak to each other, which they’re still doing now, nearly three hours later. So that’s an exciting rundown of half an entire owl day for you folks! I will edit the preening and fight footage tomorrow, but to hold you over, here’s Simon getting birded by a thrasher that would really like him to leave please. (Daphne’s sulking spot has a lot more foliage so she’s not getting birded.)



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