Doing it Wrong

This weird little interaction happened on April 23, hours *after* the owlets made their to-humans debut. Because I’ve seen Daphne “chide” Simon several other times in the last month, I’m assuming that the first owl who shows up is Simon. He has something dead, and he pops into the nest with it. But then he pops right back out, with the dead thing still in his beak. Keep in mind that what he encountered was a very full nest with two basically maxed-out owlets who may have mobbed him, but whatever the reason, he didn’t accomplish much on that visit. Seconds later, another owl (presumably Daphne) arrives and smacks him upside the head, literally. I slow-mo’ed it on replay so you can see really clearly. But after the smacking, Simon shakes himself off and heads into the nest again, this time apparently leaving the snack with the kiddos. Thoughts?



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