The next important step

Owl Fam know that Leia left the nest on May 7 and the nest tree on May 8. Since then, the two girls have had the entirety of our yard between them. I am sure they could hear each other just fine, but their first 10 days out of the nest have been REALLY different than in past years, when the owlets have kind of egged each other on and practiced their skills together. Then last night at about 7pm it was like a lightbulb went off in both their little brains and they realized that they had approximately the skills needed to reunite. So they did. Or very nearly! I left when it got too dark to see, but both Leia and Rey were in the pecan tree at the end of our yard. Rey traveled more distance to get there, but Leia was being birded the whole way, so she gets points for that. And then this morning… well, the all-night game of Marco Polo appears to have worked.

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