Off to a great start!

Hi all… it’s been a minute! I hope I’m not counting my (owlet) eggs before they hatch, but I’ve seen two birds canoodling in the nest tree for two nights running. So I decided to fire the website back up. Cross your fingers!

This happened Monday…

And last night they came a bit later, so I could only get these two bad images in the dark. Take my word for it that these are two birds, both glaring at me!

At the suggestion of my good friend Ursula and in keeping with the 2021 zeitgeist, we have decided to name these kids Daphne and Simon. I’m going to assume the same rules from past years in which names will be consistent within one encounter but may not in fact refer to the same bird across time because I can’t yet tell them apart. We’ll have to wait to see if they have distinct markings! In the meantime, one of these is Daphne and one of them is Simon, and they’re both beyond welcome squeeeee!

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