It might be time for the *kermit flail*

So I got home from unpleasant Friday night Krogering and decided to take a minute and sit on the porch and enjoy the cold-again weather. I wasn’t thinking about owls particularly, which is of course why an owl suddenly swooped across my field of vision and landed on the nest tree. She stuck her head into the nest but didn’t go in all the way, and then she flew over one tree and sat on a branch. And all of that behavior is suspect and points to babies and so I held my breath and was very quiet and FROM INSIDE THE TREE A BABY SQUEAKED

I tried to record it with my voice recorder but I don’t know enough about audio enhancement to make it worth sharing. I can hear the breathy pauses that are BABY SQUEAKING but it’s half magic at this point. You’ll just have to take my word for it, there is squeaking. I listened extra-carefully and I only heard one, but who knows, and also who cares, because there is ONE.

Daphne just watched me as I lost. my. mind. I managed to do it mostly quietly so I didn’t scare her. Then I congratulated her and thanked her for sharing and went back inside to complete my ULTIMATE CELEBRATION.