I think I found it! (video)

Henrietta arrived back on the nest at 12:55am today (Saturday). She stayed there until almost 5pm, when she left and we could see that there were two eggs. During that time, she’s futzed with her undercarriage approximately hourly. Also during that time it’s apparent that she’s pulled off a lot of her own feathers and smooshed them down under herself, as well as mulching up some wood and other things. The feathers aren’t just insulation; her naked chest-patch makes for a better heater for little egg babies!

The futzing looks pretty much the same every hour, and always involved her head being up under there too. She’s turning the egg, apparently. But at 12:07pm, she looks straight ahead and does the funny little pulsing thing again. Just once this time, and then it’s back to futzing. But my best guess is that this second egg popped out at that point.

Here’s a couple minutes starting with that incident and then including an egg-turning and some other nesting stuff before she dozes off again.