First color daytime footage!! (video)

I love you guys, seriously. We’re only a couple weeks into our first season with a website and a camera, but I woke up this morning to messages from a total stranger letting me know owl visit timecodes. And just now I received a not-quite-frantic phone call from my father wanting to know which owl he was looking at. (Henrietta.) This is going to be so much fun!

Anyway, thanks to my father, I can tell you that Henrietta arrived, hung out for a while, sat on the perch for a while, departed, and came back about 30 seconds later. I don’t know that I’m going to need to cut footage every day of owls arriving, chilling, and departing, because this is almost identical to the footage I posted this morning — except it’s in color. IT’S IN COLOR PEOPLE!

And our first still of the year, taken by Dear Husband!

Henrietta’s first pose of 2017!