Here’s the kids. They ruminated about this jump, which is facing south-west, for about an hour. They decided no, then they moved to another branch and took a little nap, and then they came back and thought some more. Just about then, wonderful Neighbor Jack discovered I was still lurking in his yard and came out just in time for us to watch first one (Scooby!), then the other (Shaggy!) take off and soar out of sight. I’m wondering now if they could hear Mom and/or Dad in that general direction, because they were so focused on heading that way. But head out they did, and now they’re really out of my little patch. I have video and soooo many stills and I’ll post them over the next little while. We have 7 months before Nesting Season begins again, and I think I might have 7 months’ worth of good pictures!!