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  • Counting


    This is a picture of an owl, taken in extremely low light at about 8:45 pm yesterday. It was one of at least two owls in the same tree… I think it was one of three. One owl was definitely grooming another owl, and then when I came back with a camera an owl flew…

  • Watching


    I am a person of little faith, apparently. I was sitting outside thinking there must not be an owlet this year, because by this point, if there were an owlet I’d expect to see someone babysitting the nest, and there are no owls at all. Except that the voyage is in having new eyes. The…

  • Fun evening out

    Fun evening out

    I wasn’t even looking for owls this evening — just hanging out on the porch talking to my mom on the phone. Suddenly someone zoomed over my head. In the time it took to grab a camera, I almost lost him. He’s good at camouflage! A few seconds later, the owl-tree-knot flew over to sit…

  • Checking In

    Checking In

    This is a useless picture, so you will have to take my word for it that Simon came by for lunch today and there was canoodling. You can *just* see an owl visible through the leaves.

  • YES


    These birds, I’m telling you. On Thursday I heard a owl in my neighbor’s yard call out, and shortly after I heard a reply a couple blocks north. Seconds later an owl swooped overhead into my neighbor’s yard and vanished in the greenery. I couldn’t see either of them while they had a vigorous monkey-noises…

  • “What did you say?”

    “What did you say?”

    Here is an owl. This owl was in my neighbor’s yard on Monday and it was hunting. When I approached it, it did the head-circling at me, allowing me to capture what looks like (but is not) a pretty threatening pose.

  • In my tree & in my feelings

    In my tree & in my feelings

    It has been a torturous twenty-eight days since I heard Daphne yelling at Simon from inside the tree. It’s been seventeen days since I’ve seen an owl. And while I heard them calling at each other a couple of days ago, I had no proof they were still in residence working on a family, and I’ve…

  • 3.13


    I made myself a beverage and went out to sit on the porch and wait for Simon. It wasn’t *all* that long before it occurred to me to look straight up. They sat around amicably for a while.    

  • New schedule

    New schedule

    At sunset-ish daily, those of us in our yard hear a hoot coming from half a block north. Just a couple hoots, a casual hello as Simon wakes up and sets out on his evening. So today I went to see if I could find him.   So here he is! My neighbor had told…