This is a picture of an owl, taken in extremely low light at about 8:45 pm yesterday. It was one of at least two owls in the same tree… I think it was one of three. One owl was definitely grooming another owl, and then when I came back with a camera an owl flew away from the scene from an unlikely angle. I really think there were three.


That means these boogers snuck an owlet past me. And I was *watching.*

It makes me feel a bit less idiotic about all the Ecks and Henrietta years. If you don’t happen to catch the owlet the day it branches, I think it’s pretty much game over. That’s such a tiny window!

Anyway, if the family was hanging out in the yard last night, I’m delighted. I hope the AirBnB was up to snuff and it’s theirs if they want it next year!