Adrenaline rush

We (three dogs, two humans) were coming back from a walk. The dogs had JUST been unleashed when an owl swooped in a leisurely but unsubtle manner from the neighbor’s yard across ours, from our left to our right, at about 4 feet high — VERY obviously so we could see her and rethink our life choices. Although I think she’d started off threatening us, Daphne then turned as if she saw something to eat, and pounced down just behind our garage with a *crunch* of leaves. And then Buffy The Semi-Schnauzer Shoe Slayer leaped into action, barking and pursuing at top speed, and ran behind the garage out of our sight. And y’all, there’s not that much space back there, definitely not enough for a semi-schnauzer AND a full-grown mama owl to hang out without acknowledging each other. Both humans were instantly on the run screaming for Buffy to LEAVE IT and COME HERE. Then we almost all perished again as Daphne rocketed off our rock wall and very nearly plowed into us in takeoff, while Buffy threw herself into our arms whimpering in terror. All four of us had little personal crises contemplating how close we had all come to maiming and death.

This is Daphne’s “Whoa, that was a lot in 5 seconds” face!