2024 IS ON Y’ALL

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the distracting audio the PorchCam has been picking up all season. After a couple days of intense puzzling I’ve concluded that it’s recording the 24/7 activity of the nest of carpenter bees who are cheerfully eating the railing on which the PorchCam is positioned. It’s actually fascinating, but as it has nothing to do with owls I haven’t felt like highlighting it here.

…Until it becomes relevant because of my frustration that NEITHER CAMERA CAPTURES SQUEAKING! This is the clip of the moment last night when Daphne returned to the nest. I thought she had returned with a snack and had gone into the nest, but that’s because I don’t have night vision and couldn’t see much. She had in fact just come back to check on things, possibly because she knew I was sitting there when she left. You can see my hand swipe in front of the camera halfway through because I was desperately hoping the camera would catch the baby-noises. But even boosting the audio the best I know how, all you can hear is static. (And very faint bees.)