So much yay! 

Next installment in the camera saga: as soon as my poor husband had cleared out the leaves blocking the camera, more got pushed that way, and we were back to an abstract light show. Plus, I checked out the angle at which you can watch Owlbert and Sofie in Tulsa, and I was jealous. So I found some amazing neighbors with a utility ladder AND tech experience, and would you just look at this new angle?

The spot of light in the top middle is the hole through which the camera had been poking previously. So (debris allowing) we probably would have had an okay view of feet and some sense of motion/activity. But this is SO much better. It’s bright now so it’s in color, but even at night this is a great shot, because Jason picked us out a good camera.

Here are two great images of the setup, from just inside and just outside the primary entrance hole:

I am literally itchy for Henrietta to move back in. Cannot happen soon enough. Fortunately, I have a little clue that she’s been prepping… There was a hank of owl fluff just inside the lip of the nest yesterday that wasn’t there days ago.

Thanks so much for your help, Neighbors Katrina and Josh!