C’est fini!

Owl Fam! It brings me both sadness and joy to announce that Owl Season 2024 is officially at an end. In an evening with echoes of Marco Polo Tuesday, Leia and Rey woke up this evening and decided they were ready to try distances. They made a couple stops on the way, but in the end soared off to the west, way beyond where I have neighbor relationships and can lurk around with a camera without getting arrested. And I got almost none of it on camera because they were moving so fast and again I am not a videographer. So tomorrow we’ll see what I did get, and in the meantime I leave you with this picture I grabbed of the two girls right after they’d crossed the alley and right before they decided to go whole hog and fly away entirely. You have to zoom in to see them at the top. Assume they were very full of grownup owl adrenaline at this moment! ❤️🦉❤️🦉 That said, I’ve got sooooo much footage and sooooo many pictures. I can probably post every day until we have new eggs! So stick around!