Category: 2022

  • New Year’s Eve Photoshoot

    New Year’s Eve Photoshoot

    Somebody dropped by the Afternoon Canoodle Spot a little early, so I decided to take advantage of the daylight to play with my new camera.

  • 12-30


    Just the swiftest of visits. I was outside enjoying the sunset when this creature flew over, posed ever so briefly, and departed to find dinner/breakfast. I am so lucky to be an owl landlord!

  • 12-29


    Pairs hoots at 5:30pm. Pretty sure this is Daphne.

  • Judging


    We had excellent, long-time friends over tonight and lost track of time. By the time we wrapped up the evening, the yard had a delightful eighth of an inch of actual snow. And overhead was a single owl, judging our late-night shenanigans.

  • 12-17-2022


    I dunno, I think these birds might like each other. They were right here doing right this at 2pm! (Simon’s spot seems to be on the left permanently.)

  • Looks Delicious!

    Looks Delicious!

    I found both owls when I got home tonight. I ran inside to grab my exciting new camera, which is supposed to be good for low-light and which I utterly do not know how to use. I was setting up the tripod when Daphne flew over me and landed on the nest tree and then…

  • A Peaceful Moment

    A Peaceful Moment

  • A Little Canoodle

    A Little Canoodle

  • 2022-11-30


    From the other night. Just a little swoop!