Ladies and gentlemen! !!!!

Seven days earlier than I saw her last year! We have Henrietta* Liftoff! And video!!

This morning I opened the door to let the dogs out and immediately heard some wrens FREAKING OUT in the direction of the owl tree. I looked up just in time to see Henrietta come out the back hole and take off eastward.

After literally squeeing and doing a happy dance and texting everyone in my phone, I dragged myself to work. But of course I downloaded the last hour of OwlCam backup to see what we could see. And we can see things!

Your first video: The Eviction (at 1/4 speed for maximum drama). Because these idiot squirrels were still in the nest at 7am when Henrietta arrived. Incidentally, for those who are interested in animal precognition etc., the lead squirrel became concerned about something a full four minutes before Henrietta arrives on camera.

I believe all three squirrels got away, because the nest is quite deep, and Henrietta just sat on the entrance perch for about 60 seconds. Then she had work to do. Included in this video: kicking the squirrel detritus out the bottom hole, turning around and contemplating her redecoration, climbing (it’s a great shot!!) up the wall to the back exit hole, and something that involved her butt feathers being in the camera’s way and also sawdust falling down to the bottom of the nest. Like she was gnawing on or pulling pieces off of the back entrance?

I’ve already been asked by several fans why they can’t see Henrietta live now. She won’t take up full-time residence until she lays eggs, which (as I understand it) shouldn’t be for several weeks. The next period is the Adult Activities Hanky-Panky period, and I’ll try to catch that on camera manually. Last year they made it pretty easy! They’re not subtle. But if you’re waiting for full-time owlage, you have about another month to wait. In the meantime, I’ll do a quick scan daily and edit video if there’s good stuff to see.

Happy Owl Day, everyone!

*Edit: As of 2/2/17, I’m pretty sure this visitor was actually Ecks. See next post for more.

8 thoughts on “AND WE’RE OFF

  1. Out! Out, ye vermin!
    So, so excited for you! Can’t wait to see more of Ecks And Henrietta.

  2. Great footage. (I guess “footage” is inappropriate in a digital age, right?) I really found myself wishing you had installed a microphone, too!

  3. So exciting! Loads quite will in the am so I will have to check then!

    Henrietta and her crew will have lots of fans!

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