5pm update

At about 5pm, Leia was in the nest tree — a little higher than this morning, but not much — and Rey was in the nest itself. At 6:15, some neighbors came over to see the cuteness, and Rey had emerged, but Leia was nowhere to be found. We spent several minutes searching the canopy and eventually spotted Leia one tree over from the nest tree and only about 15′ off the ground. She seemed quite calm and mildly amused that we’d been looking for her. While we watched, Leia ran up a series of increasingly tiny branches, heading upward and executing a couple of real flap-leaps that were harrowing for her audience. Once she found a comfortable safe branch, she got some grooming from a parent. And during all the hoppity-flapping drama, Rey watched intently. We made sure to repeatedly and dramatically compliment her very good decision-making skills for choosing to stay in the nest at least one more night!

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