Wet bird not on a wire (video)

After it’s been raining for two straight days, you just want to climb to the very highest branch and do some preening in what meager sun is available. It isn’t that much to ask, is it?

My personal thanks to the cardinals, who notified me that Henrietta was lurking way up in the top of the tree.

Evening check-in (video)

One of the things I was hoping to accomplish with the OwlCam in 2017 was a final determination of which owl it is who constantly shortens his/her hoot. I’ve been guessing it’s Ecks for years for… reasons I can’t quite remember now. I think because I tend to hear the abbreviated gurgle-hoot from outside the yard, and the “HOOAW!” is usually Henrietta sitting in the nest-tree.

So anyway, here’s yesterday’s puzzle. The calm way in which this bird regarded me when I spoke to it would indicate that it’s Henrietta, and I think the forehead marking does too. But a bird down the hill said “Hooaw,” and this bird did the gurgle-half-hoot, as you can hear:

So, note to self. Maybe I’ve been attributing this hoot to the wrong bird. Maybe they both do it when they’re feeling lazy?

Either way: Hi there, stupid bird.

Henrietta(?) during an evening conversation with the other owl. 4/26/17


What happened to the camera? (video)

Wondering why the new angle is all wonky and the bird is off to the side? You can thank our little commune-dwellers, who are apparently suicidal, stupid, and directionally challenged.