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Cards 2021 - PayPal
Please indicate whether you would prefer packs of five cards for $12 or ten cards for $22, or twenty-five cards for $32 by entering how many of each you'd like.

  • Clicking the button below will take you to PayPal. Please submit the correct total for the number and type of packs you selected above.
  • Make sure to include your shipping address in the notes.
  • Please use the friends and family option if you have it so that SLR does not pay any additional fees.
  • If asked if you are receiving goods or services for this payment, please answer “No.” Even if you have selected “Friends and Family,” answering “Yes” to this question will cost the rescue fees close to a dollar per calendar.

    Clicking this button will submit your order and take you to PayPal. Please follow the instructions above!